Chapter 1




No answer. The hallway outside the door was quiet.

Boba Fett was all alone.

That was okay. Boba was used to being alone. Ever since he had buried his father, he had been by himself — a ten-year-old against the galaxy. He missed his father but didn’t mind being alone. Sometimes.

Sort of.


Movement! Boba ran to a bend in the corridor.

“Hey! Hey!”


It was just a droid. A small, shoe-sized house droid, the custodial kind that dusted and cleaned continually. While other creatures bustled in other corridors of the Count’s underground lair, only the custodial droids came into this hallway.

That explained why Boba felt so isolated. But it didn’t explain why he had been brought here, and what was going to happen to him. Only the Count could do that.

The Count, a tall, thin, powerful man with a cold smile, was known as Tyranus — or Dooku, depending on whom you were talking to. Boba’s father, Jango Fett, had left instructions that Boba was to find the Count if something happened to him.

Something had happened to Boba’s father. He had been killed in a battle with a Jedi. Boba had buried his father on the planet Geonosis. He had gone to his home planet of Kamino only to find that it wasn’t home anymore. With his father gone, there was no safety. There was only the need for escape.

Boba’s father had left him a book. Find Tyranus, it had told him, to access Jango’s credits and find self-sufficiency.

That suited Boba. He wanted to learn how to become a great bounty hunter like his father. To start out he’d need credits — then he’d earn more. But Boba hadn’t had time to find the Count. The Count had found him first, sending a bounty hunter named Aurra Sing to capture him on Coruscant and bring him to this underground hideout on Raxus Prime. She’d taken his ship, Slave 1, as payment. But she hadn’t explained why the Count wanted Boba.

Only the Count could answer that, and Boba couldn’t find him. The Count had welcomed him to this hideout — sort of — and had given him a room with a table, a chair, and a bed. Boba had immediately gone to sleep, exhausted. Now that he was awake, the Count was nowhere to be found.


No answer.

Walking around, Boba had seen rooms half-empty or filled with mysterious equipment, some of it still in crates. He had heard strange sounds in the distance.