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Candy Apple #19: Juicy Gossip
by Erin Downing
ISBN 978-0-545-10066-3 PBK

Jenna Simpson is quiet, timid, and never in the know. But she’s the editor of the school newspaper, and the tidbits of gossip that Jenna overhears at her parents’ juice bar give her the great idea to write a gossip column. It’s sure to be an instant hit…and a ton of trouble!


At that moment, Stacey Smith and her friends come gliding into the gym, each of them holding a copy of the Washington News. I can’t tell if they look upset, but I definitely get a little nervous when they scan the bleachers. Do they know it’s me writing “Juicy Gossip?”

“Stacey!” Robbie Prinzo shouts. “Did you read the school newspaper? You’re a celebrity!”

Stacey sweeps her silky hair away from her face and smiles calmly at Robbie. “I already knew that.”

Keisha and I watch Stacey and her friends slide into the bleachers a few rows below us. Stacey turns to Jasmine. “I have to figure out who wrote Juicy Gossip. What kind of name is Little Miss Mango, anyway?”

I can’t help but grin. I’m proud of the title of my gossip column and my pen name. They’re pretty appropriate, since I overheard all of the scoop while I was working at Juice It. No one will ever make the connection, since they don’t even know I work there. It’s pretty clever, if I do say so myself.

From Juicy Gossip.Copyright © 2009 by Erin Downing. All rights reserved.