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Robert Munsch

Too Much Stuff!

By Robert Munsch
Illustrations by Michael Martchenko

Ages 3 - 7
32 Pages
Scholastic Canada Ltd.
ISBN 9781443102452 Paperback
ISBN 9781443102445 Hardcover
ISBN 9781443102483 Book and CD package
Also available in French: Beaucoup trop de bagages!

Temina is excited about her first airplane trip, and she wants to take ALL her toys. Her mom says she can only take ONE. But Temina knows that she really needs ALL that stuff, and she’s going to prove it!

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About the story

Robert Munsch was on an airplane from Toronto to Edmonton when the girl sitting across from him opened up her backpack and took out an army of dolls. She put some on her seat, attached some to the seat in front of her and put even more on her table. Munsch wrote this story and then told it to the girl, whose name was Temina.

Temina lived in Cold Lake, Alberta, but by the time the book was published she had moved away. Munsch finally tracked her down in Germany!

ART ALERT! Temina's mother was in the military — look for the clues that Michael Martchenko has painted in the pictures!

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Image credits:

From Swamp Water. Text copyright © 2013 by Bob Munsch Enterprises Ltd. Illustrations © 2013 by Michael Martchenko. All rights reserved.

From Too Much Stuff! Text copyright © 2010 by Bob Munsch Enterprises Ltd. Illustrations copyright © 2010 by Michael Martchenko. All rights reserved.