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Robert Munsch

Deep Snow

By Robert Munsch
Illustrations by Michael Martchenko

Ages 3 - 8
32 Pages
Scholastic Canada Ltd.
ISBN 9781443142946 Board book
ISBN 9781443170581 Paperback
Also available in French: Papa, sors-nous de là!

Ali wants to jump in the deep snow, but when she does, she goes waaaaay down!

How will her sister and her dad get her out?

Deep Snow is one of Robert Munsch’s favourite stories, specially adapted to make it perfect for the very young.

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About the story

In 1991, Robert Munsch was on a storytelling trip in Labrador. His son, Andrew, was with him. In Goose Bay, they stayed with Ali and Kate Lucas, whose dad was a Canadian Forces pilot. Andrew liked jet planes, and Munsch thought, “Wow! I bet I am going to get a good jet plane story.”

One afternoon they all went for a walk on a snowmobile trail. Munsch and Andrew did not know that the snow in the woods was very, very deep. Andrew thought it would be fun to jump off the trail, and he went way down into the snow. He loved it. Ali and Kate jumped in after him. They did not go that far down into the snow, but Kate got her foot stuck, so Munsch went to help. He did not know that in some places the snow was covering whole pine trees and the trees made an empty space under the snow. So when Munsch walked off the trail, he fell through, way, way, way, over his head. It took him a long time to climb back up, and Kate was still stuck! They finally got her out, but her boots were still at the bottom of the hole. Since Munsch was already wet, he went head-first down the hole to get her boots. While he was in the snow with his feet sticking out, he started thinking of a story called “Deep Snow.” So this is Munsch’s only story that started while he was upside-down in the snow! But it’s not the only story inspiration he got from this visit. It was also on this trip to Labrador that he went to Rigolet and wrote Give Me Back My Dad!, the winner of our fan-choice “Pick-a-Munsch” contest.

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From Swamp Water. Text copyright © 2013 by Bob Munsch Enterprises Ltd. Illustrations © 2013 by Michael Martchenko. All rights reserved.

From Too Much Stuff! Text copyright © 2010 by Bob Munsch Enterprises Ltd. Illustrations copyright © 2010 by Michael Martchenko. All rights reserved.